With increased pressure from mergers and an evolving competitive dynamic, the banking, financial services and insurance industry now requires a unique blend of technology and service operations to support its businesses. Simply saving costs on back-office functions is no longer enough.

has the experience and insight to help the industry’s organizations, regardless of where they are in the journey to transform their internal services. By combining our extensive consulting experience and industry-leading research and analysis, we’re able to help these organizations:

  • Determine how to best globalize their service delivery models
  • Optimize IT technology delivery and industry-specific processes
  • Select and implement the appropriate sourcing model

Over the past three years, Gohar Group Research has covered the BFSI market through both published research and custom projects for end users, global in-house centers (GICs) and third-party service providers. Our BFSI outsourcing research program comprehensively covers the key dynamics of the market across IT and business processes. The program examines relevant issues for stakeholders and provides analyses to guide strategic decision-making.

Let us help you maximize the value of your back- and middle-office business services through our practical consulting, original research and industry resource services.