Adigohar Engineers & Consultants (Pvt.) Limited.

(Engineering & Management Services)


Adigohar Engineers & Consultants (Pvt.) Limited., (AECL) embodies Adigohar’s presence in India. We are the Engineering Excellence Center for the Gohar Group, with a major share in engineering for all projects secured by Adigohar. As an integral part of the Group, we offer cost-optimized, world-class Engineering Solutions, planning, and execution of complex projects. With headquarters in Delhi and support offices in Thane- Mumbai, and associates in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Our work combines high quality and planning standards with an unwavering commitment for timely implementation of Projects. More than 40 years of experience as a globally recognized and locally acknowledged premium multi-discipline engineering contractor, make us leaders in Engineering, Main Contracting and Technology Licensing for business sectors that mainly include Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Chemicals, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure. Recently, we have ventured into Oil & Gas sector as well. Our portfolio includes the successful execution of over 100 projects. We have been consistently receiving Recognition and Accolades for our Engineering Services and are known for our best practices. Through a flexible business model and strong technology orientation that leverage our advanced skills in licensing, engineering services, EP (Engineering and Procurement) and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), AECL has embodied the contractor spirit of the Gohar Group for almost 40 years.

Turnkey Project Engineering Services:

Our Engineering (Technical) Group is engaged in providing a comprehensive range of services ranging from providing technical Know-how, Plant construction, process plant design undertaking turnkey assignments thereby managing all aspects of Project management. Our technical group team consists of highly skilled professionals and experienced engineers who have erected and commissioned several projects successfully in India and neighbouring countries. Our area of excellence include right from:

  1. Preparing Market research & product status reports.
  2. Bankable project reports.
  3. Detailed Project Report (DPRs).
  4. Full process design & development.
  5. Specialized fabrication jobs.
  6. Procurement, Import of critical components.
  7. Experienced electrical control & automation services.
  8. Project Engineering & management Services,
  9. Plant & Machinery erection & commissioning.
  10. Conduct & regularise Production & Post- Production Runs.
  11. Quality assurance management support.

We use most modern hardware & software to provide world class services to our clients. Our expertise and responsibility of services is further elaborated as below:

1. Engineering and Construction:

We have a network of international engineering Centers providing a wide and integrated range of services, ranging from conceptual studies, technology selection, process engineering, and detailed design. Our expertise includes Feasibility, Process Design Package (PDP), Basic Design, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), and Cost Estimates. We have built relevant references for full EPC Turnkey projects featuring a flexible and consistent execution model, thanks to our project management and construction supervision expertise.

When required, AECL is able to perform a wide range of functions as main contractor for entire complexes on a EPC basis, providing the complete chain of services up to supervision of erection, construction and commissioning, proceeding with assistance to start up, operation & maintenance, revamping, preservation & relocation.

2. Procurement:

Procurement activity is performed direct and through reps. offices in different countries worldwide, in a continuous growing trend, with a Group perspective driven by US & European offices. Our Global Procurement is focused on optimizing efficiency in the supply chain to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage on the challenges of a skin-changing market. Our commitment is oriented to develop a supply model that respects local content and takes into consideration the importance of fair relationships with Suppliers. For Imports we keep vigil to focus max. on local supply, and only critical component for import to save on various higher duty/taxes items etc., thus keeping the projects within economically viable limits.

PROJECT PROFILES on Global- Pattern:

These are Ready referral Project Profiles, periodically updated and customised as per requirement of the market. Project Identification is mainly based on product demand and local resources such as easily available raw material etc., in the region at proposed site/ location of the project.

So, these project profiles are a series of manufacturing plants, to assist entrepreneurs equipping them to establish manufacturing concerns in selected industrial sectors. Each profile contains a brief description of the manufacturing process involved; the necessary raw materials, machinery, and equipment; and manpower, investment and production costs. Details provided are indicative and not a feasibility study; Cost of Machinery & Equipment needs regular up-dation with the passage of time. We can assist to up-grade further if you need our services. These profiles are more of a basic idea intended to guide an entrepreneur and project promoters, mainly in Asian regions and other developing countries, helping them identify suitable products for manufacture at ease, even from home.

We endeavor to provide precise information available in the market, but any such data, information, hardware, or software, beyond our reach, may please be excused. We shall not be held responsible for any such direct or indirect loss of any type (Mental, Physical or Monetary) to anyone on either side of the buyer/supplier of the project, products & services, rendered by ADIGOHAR & Associates.

List of Profiles for Manufacturing Industry:


Part A: Food & Allied:

  1. Baking Plant
  2. Biscuit Making Plant
  3. Vegetable Oil Milling Plant
  4. Rice Milling Plant
  5. Instant Noodle Making Plant
  6. Fish Meal Making Plant:
  7. ICE Making and Refrigeration Plant
  8. Cassava Starch Making Plant
  9. Starch Syrup Making Plant
  10. Flour Milling Plant
  11. Fresh Milk Making Plant
  12. Concentrated Fruit Juice Making Plant
  13. Margarine Making Plant
  14. Soy Sauce Brewing Plant
  15. Tomato Ketchup Making Plant:
  16. Assorted Animal Feed Making Plant
  17. Candy Making Plant
  18. Mini White Sugar Mill
  19. Cube Sugar
  20. Gari Production
  1. Decoration of Groundnuts and Millet/Sorghum
  2. Pasta Product ion
  3. Fruit Processing and Soft Drinks
  4. Flour Milling Plant
  5. Dry Milling of Maize
  6. Cashew Juice and Kernel Processing Plant
  7. Castor Oil and Pomace Plant
  8. Cane Sugar Processing Plant
  9. Aseptic Banana Puree Processing Plant
  10. Tropical Fruit Nectar Processing Plant
  11. Meals from Pregelatinized Flour
  12. Milk Processing Plant
  13. Cassava Flour and Starch Processing Plant
  14. Soy Flour Processing Plant
  15. Poultry Processing Plant
  16. Cattle Slaughterhouse
  17. Oral Dehydration Salt Production
  18. Malt Production
  19. Kuskus Production
  20. Cane Sugar Factory
  1. Date Processing & Packaging
  2. Legume Processing
  3. Palm Oil Production
  4. Starch Derivatives Production
  5. Milk Powder Production
  6. Pineapple Processing and Canning
  7. Margarine
  8. Coffee Processing
  9. Bread & Confectionary
  10. Pasta Production
  11. Chewing Gum
  12. Cocoa Processing & Chocolate
  13. Potato Crips/ Chips
  14. Cassava Starch
  15. Maize Starch
  16. Dried Egg Powder
  17. Brewery
  18. Soft Drinks
  19. Combined Can Factory & Cannery
  20. Egg Production & Operation Unit
  21. Fish Breeding & Farm Operation

Part B: Textiles:

  1. Woven Bag Making Plant
  2. Plastic Filament Twine and Rope Making Plant
  3. Polypropylene Soft Rope and String Making Plant
  4. Socks Making Plant
  5. Terry Towel Plant
  6. PP Woven Bag Making Plant
  7. Fishing Nets

Part C: Textile, Wearing Apparel and Leather Industries:

  1. Working Clothes Sewing Plant
  2. Men ‘ s Dress Shirt Sewing Plant
  3. Underwear Making Plant
  4. Outerwear Knitting Plant
  5. Leather Production
  6. Wet–blue Leather
  7. Crust Leather
  8. Finished Leather
  9. Footwear Product ion
  10. Leather Goods Product ion
  11. Shoe Making Plant
  12. Leather Bags

Part D: Wood and Wood Product:

  1. Plywood Making Plant
  2. Sawmill
  3. Woodscrew Making Plant
  4. Production of Parquet Flooring
  5. Joinery Plant
  6. Plywood Making Plant
  7. Chalkboard Making Plant
  8. Window & Door Production
  9. Veneer Manufacturing
  10. Pallet Manufacturing
  11. Furniture Chair & Table manufacturing.

Part E: Paper and Paper Products:

  1. Toilet Paper Making Plant
  2. Corrugated Board Box Making Plant
  3. Straw Pulp and Yellow Board Making Plane
  4. Kraft Bag Making Plant
  5. Paper Bobbins & Tubes
  6. Composite Containers
  7. Roofing Felt Production

Part F: Printing and Publishing:

  1. Printing Plant
  2. Automatic Book Binding
  3. Exercise Books & Note Books

Part G: Industrial Chemicals and other Chemical Products:

  1. Compound Fertilizer DAP
  2. Compound Fertilizer NPK
  3. Compound Fertilizer NP
  4. Ammonium Nitrate/ Cal. Ammonium Nitrte
  5. Fertilizer Blending Plant
  6. Urea Resin Adhesive Making Plant
  7. Packaged Type Oxygen Plant
  8. Mosquito Coils Making Plant
  9. Aerosol Insecticide Making Plant
  10. Fatty Acids
  11. Fractionation of Fatty Acids
  12. Furfuryl Alcohol
  13. Furfurylic Resins from Organic wastes
  14. Sulphation of Higher Alcohols
  15. Synthesis of Higher Alcohols
  16. Sulphuric Acid
  17. PhenoI
  18. Glycerine from Natural Produces
  19. Soap
  20. Sulphonation of Alkylbenzene
  21. Alkylation of Benzene
  22. Resins
  23. Acetic Acid via Acetaldehyde Oxidation
  24. Acetic Acid from Methanol and CO
  25. Acetaldehyde
  26. Acetic Anhydride
  27. Acetone from Propylene
  28. Acrylic Esters
  29. Acrylonitrile
  30. Adipic Ac id
  31. Ammonia
  32. Ani line
  33. Aromatics Extraction — BTX from Reformate
  1. Caprolactam
  2. Caustic-Chlorine (Diaphragm Cell)
  3. Cumene
  4. Cyclohexane
  5. Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT)
  6. Ethanol
  7. Ethylbenzene
  8. Ethylene from Ethane
  9. Ethylene from LPG/Propane
  10. Ethylene from Naphtha
  11. Ethylene from Gas OiI
  12. Ethylene Dichloride — Balanced Oxychlorination
  13. Ethylene Oxide
  14. Ethylene Glycol
  15. Formaldehyde
  16. Hydrogen from NaturaI Gas
  17. Isopropanol
  18. Methanol from NaturaI Gas
  19. Methyl Methacrylate via Acetone Cyanohydrin
  20. Nitric Acid — Weak
  21. Ni Eric Ac id – Concentrated
  22. Nylon — 6
  23. Paras fins Recovery
  24. Phenol
  25. Phthalic Anhydride (Xylene Oxidation)
  26. Polybutadiene Rubber (BR)
  27. Polyethylene Low Density (LDPE) — Tubular Reactor
  28. Polyethylene Low Density (LDPE) — Autoclave Reactor
  29. Polyethylene High Density (HDPE) –Slurry Process
  30. Polyethylene High Density (HDPE) — Gas Phase Process
  31. Polypropylene — Liquid Phase Process
  32. Polypropylene – Vapour Phase Polymerization (BASE)
  33. Polystyrene
  1. PVC — Suspension Polymerization
  2. Propylene Oxide — Chlorohydrin Process
  3. Propylene Oxide (Co-product Styrene)
  4. Propylene Oxide – Co–products TBA
  5. Propylene Glycol by Oxide Hydration
  6. Styrene
  7. SBR — Cold Emulsion Process
  8. Sulphuric Acid (Single Absorption Process)
  9. Synthesis Gas from Partial Oxidation of Fuel Oil
  10. Terephthalic Acid (TPA) – Fiber Grade
  11. Unsaturated Polyesters
  12. Urea
  13. Vinyl Acetate — Ethylene Vapour Phase
  14. Vinyl- Chloride
  15. p–Xylene — Recovery by Adsorption
  16. Oxalic Acid
  17. Polystyrene Resin Making Plant
  18. Nitrobenzene Making Plant
  19. Pentaerythritol- Making Plant
  20. EPN Making Plant
  21. Titanium Dioxide Making Plant
  22. Formaldehyde Making Plant
  23. Unsaturated Polyester Resin Plant
  24. Calcium Carbonate Making Plant
  25. CMC Making Plant
  26. Starch Hydrolysis Produces Plant
  27. Lauryl Sulphate Making Plant
  28. Caustic Soda Making Plant
  29. Sulfuric Acid braking Plant
  30. Trichloroethane Making Plant
  31. TAM Synthesis Technology
  32. DEP Synthesis Technology
  33. DDVP Synthesis Technology
  34. Azodicarbonamide Making Plant

PART H: Other Chemical, Pharma & Petro Products:

  1. Match Making Plant
  2. Toilet Soap Making Plant
  3. Soap Production Plant
  4. Detergent Plant
  5. Lipstick Production
  6. Disinfectant Making Plant
  7. Toothpaste production plant
  8. Plasma Fractions Making Plant
  9. Dynamite Making Plant
  10. Carbon Black Making Plant
  11. Paint Making Plant
  12. Sensitizing Paper Making Plant
  1. Adhesive Making Plant
  2. Self-adhesive Tape Making Plant
  3. Intravenous solution making Plant
  4. Ursodesoxycholic Acid Synthesis
  5. Riboflavin Tetrabutyrate Synthesis
  6. Rifampicin Synthesis Technology
  7. Saccharin Making Plant
  8. Amoxycillin Synthesis Technology
  9. Cephalothin Synthesis Technology
  10. Pyrantel Pamoate Synthesis Technology
  11. Used Oil Regeneration
  12. Transformer Oil Making Plant
  13. Lubricating Grease

PART J: Rubber Products:

  1. V–Belt: Making Plant
  2. Tire Making Plant

PART L: Pottery China, and Earthenware /Manufacture of Glass and Glass Products:

  1. Wall Tile Making Plant
  2. Ceramic Tableware Making Plant
  3. Sanitary \’fare Making Plant
  4. Porcelain Insulator Making Plant
  5. Ceramic Rod for Carbon Film Resistor
  6. Insulation Glass Fiber Making Plant
  7. Tube and Bulb Glass Making Plant
  8. Glassware making Plant
  9. Sheet Glass making Plant

PART K: Plastic Products:

  1. Polyethylene Bag Making Plant
  2. Agricultural Use PVC Film Flaking Plant
  3. Unplasticized PVC Pipe Making Plant
  4. Plastic Container Making Plant
  5. Polyester Button Making Plant
  6. PVC–Asbestos Tile Making Plant
  7. PVC wall Covering Making Plant
  8. PVC Windows & Doors
  9. PVC Flexible Tube Making Plant
  10. Fastener Equipped Polyethylene Bag Making
  11. Plastic Container Making by Blow Molding
  12. Rigid Pol-vinyl Chloride Corrugated Sheet
  13. PVC Plastisol molding Plant
  14. Rigid PVC Pipe Making Plant
  15. PVC Flooring Making Plant
  16. NRP Ballistic Helmet Making Plant
  17. Injection Moulding – Die Casting Process

PART M: Other Mineral Products:

  1. Grinding Wheel Making Plant
  2. Concrete Block Making Plant
  3. Refractories Making Plant
  4. Concrete Pole and Pile Making Plant
  5. Gypsum Board Making Plant
  6. Hume Pipe Making Plant
  7. Aggregate Plant:
  8. Mosaic Tile Making Plant
  9. Cement–Based Tile Plant:
  10. Fire brick Manufacturing Plant
  11. Brake Lining Making Plant
  12. Coated Abrasives Making Plant
  13. Clay Brick Making Plant
  14. Brick Factory
  15. Concrete Block Factory

PART N: Iron and Steel Basic Industries / Non--Ferrous Metal Basic Industries:

  1. Iron Foundry.
  2. Spiral WeId Pipe Making Plant
  3. Tin Plate Making Plant
  4. Zinc Making PIant
  5. Atomized MetaI Powder Plant

PART O: Fabricated Metal Products:

  1. Wire and Wire Product Making Plant
  2. Electroplating Plant
  3. Canning Plant
  4. Aluminum Cooking Ware Making Plant
  5. Gabion Making Plant
  6. Pipe Fitting Making Plant
  7. Can Making Plant
  8. Crown-Cap Making Plant
  9. Coin Making Plant
  10. Wire NaiI Making Plant
  11. Steel Fabrication and Ironwork Factory
  12. Electroplating Workshop
  13. Meta Punching Plant
  14. Leaf Spring Making Plant
  1. Automatic Key Set Making Plant
  2. Crow Cap Making Plant
  3. Vacuum Metallized Film Making Plant
  4. Copper Covered Steel Wire Plant
  5. Electroplating Plant
  6. Pipe Fittings Making Plant
  7. Dumet Wire Making Plant
  8. Wire Rope Making Plant
  9. Building Materials Made of Steel
  10. Production of Hand Tools
  11. Carpenter Tools Production
  12. Manufacture of Studded Tubes
  13. Manufacture of Locks
  14. Pickhoes Manufacturing plant
  15. Shovels & Spade Manufacturing

PART P: Non-electrical Machinery:

  1. Pump Assembling Plant
  2. Machinery Maintenance and Repair Shop
  3. Small–Scale Repair Workshop
  4. Air Conditioner Making Plant
  5. Elevator/Escalator Making Plant
  6. Pump Assembling Plant
  7. Diesel Engine Assembly Plant
  8. Ball Joint Making Plant
  9. Carrier and Return Roller Making Plant
  10. Rolling Mill Plant
  11. Power Duster and Mist Blower Plant
  12. Washing Machine Making Plant
  13. Refrigerator Assembling Plant
  14. Sieve for Building materials
  15. Assembly of wheel Tractors
  1. Manufacture of Welding Machines
  2. Spare parts making Plant for Machine Tools
  3. Power Tiller Making Plant
  4. Water pump making plant
  5. Engine Lathe making Plant
  6. CNC Milling Machine Making Plant
  7. Drilling Machine Making Plant
  8. Hydraulic Press Making Machine
  9. Shearing Machine Making Plant
  10. Press Brake Making Plant
  11. Hack Sawing Machine Making Plant
  12. Gas Welding Machine Making Plant
  13. Concrete Mixer making Plant
  14. Crusher Making Plant
  15. Concrete Batcher Making Plant

PART Q : Electrical Machinery, Apparatus, Appliances / Suppliers Manufacture of Transport Equipment:

  1. Arc Welding Electrode Making Plant
  2. Dry Cell Making Plant
  3. Wire and Cable Making Plant
  4. Automotive Starker and Generator Rebuild Plant
  5. Engine Block, Engine Head, Water Pump Rebuilding
  6. Truck Brake Refining Plant
  7. Carburetor and Fuel Pump Rebuild Plant
  8. Electrical Switches, Sockets and Plugs
  9. Electric Motor Assembling Plant
  10. Telephone Assembling Plant
  11. Electric Lamp Making Plant
  12. Wind Power Generator Assembly
  13. Transformer Assembling Plant
  14. Mixer Making Plant
  15. Electric Fan Assembling Plant
  16. Stereo Phonograph Making Plant
  1. TV Tuner Making Plant
  2. Deflection Yoke Making Plant
  3. Carbon Rod Making Plant
  4. Electronic Ballast: for Fluorescent Lamp
  5. S. Motor Assembling Plant
  6. Head Lamp Making PIant
  7. Arc Welding Electrode Making Plant
  8. Front and Rear Axle Making Plant
  9. Shock Absorber Making Plant
  10. Brake Cylinder Making Plant
  11. WheeI Disc Making Plant
  12. Radiator Making Plant
  13. Clutch Cover Assembly Making Plant
  14. Transmission and Transfer Making Plant
  15. Automotive Filter plant
  16. Two-Wheeler Assembling Plant
  1. TV Assembly Plant
  2. Rice Cooker Assembling Plant
  3. Dry Cell Making Plant
  4. AC Generator Assembling Plant
  5. Condenser Manufacturing Plant
  6. Communication Cable Making Plant
  7. Car Heater Making Plant
  8. Electric Cables and Wires Making Plant
  9. Manufacture of Pressing Irons
  10. Water Heater Manufacturing Plant
  11. Manufacture of Distribution Transformers
  12. Manufacture of Switches
  13. Manufacture of 2 NVO Fuses
  14. Manufacture of Electrical Fittings
  15. Manufacture of Plugs
  16. Car cooler Making Plant

PART R: Professional, Scientific, Measuring and Controlling Equipment and Optical Goods:

  1. Walter Meter Making Plant
  2. Thermometer/Pressure Gauge Plant
  3. Watt Hour Meter Assembling Plant
  4. Syringes Making Plant
  5. Infusion & Transfusion Kits manufacturing

PART T: Repair Services:

  1. Automobile Repair Plant
  2. Automobile body building & repairing Plant
  3. Recycling Plant for Oil Filters & other Oily Waste Materials

PART S: Other Manufacturing Industries:

  1. Absorbent: Cotton Making Plant
  2. Sanitary Napkin Making Plant
  3. Cellophane Tape Making Plant
  4. Pencil Making Plant
  5. Sign Pen Making PIant
  6. Chalk Making Plant.
  7. Candle Production
  8. Carbon Paper Making Plant
  9. Toothbrush Making Plant
  10. Polyester Zipper Making Plant
  11. Manufacture of Plastic Zipper

PART U: Forestry and Logging:

  1. Small-scale Charcoal Production

PART V: Water Works and Supply:

  1. Solar Desalination Unit

PART W: Misc. Production Units:

  1. Salt Production Plant
  2. Salt Refining Plant
  1. Processing of Gravel & Sand works
  2. Quarries For Building Materials

Turnkey Project Engineering Services:

Commercialization of innovative technologies is imperative, so that society could benefit from such technologies to advance Sustainable Development. Strengthening of linkages between research and market stakeholders is crucial in this respect. AECL provides supports to authorities to design effective technology transfer and commercialization strategies and provides capacity-building to policymakers. We facilitate creation of specialized networks and hosts technology databases. Our focus is on the cross-border business cooperation among technology promotion/transfer agencies, R&D institutions, small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, and promoting technology-based business partnerships.

Capacity Building:

AECL supports capacity building through carefully designed workshops and training of trainers (ToT) programmes. AECL delivers these programmes in partnership with AECL’s associates and nodal agencies at the national level including chambers of commerce and industrial federations in member countries.

  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Technology Transfer Management
  • Support to countries with special needs
             Online Technology Transfer Support Mechanisms: Databases is under development

Technology for SMEs:

The Database serves as an online platform for information exchange on the availability and sourcing of technologies for small and medium sized enterprises in countries globally.

  • The Database provides information on the technologies available for transfer (technology offers), technologies needed (technology requests) as well as the opportunities for business cooperation (Joint venture and Partnerships).
  • The use of Technology for SMEs database is chargeable at a very nominal cost.
           (………………You can reach us via e-mail or phone call for further info. as above.)

Global Technology Databases:

AECL has compiled a list of global as well as country-wise technology databases that deal with the technology transfer related services for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

  • If a particular technology search has been made using AECL’s Technology for SMEs database.
  • The technology databases could be readily accessed through this service of AECL.

Renewable Energy Technology Bank (RET-Bank):

The primary objective of the Renewable Energy Cooperation-Network established by AECL is to facilitate technology transfer cooperation among countries globally, in the area of renewable energy. Towards this end, AECL has developed a “Renewable Energy Technology Bank (RET-Bank)” of tested and proven renewable energy technologies (RETs) initially in the areas of solar, biomass, wind, mini-hydro power and geo-thermal energy. AECL has developed this Renewable Energy Technology Bank as on-line technology database available through its website.

Technology Transfer Facilitation Services:

AECL offers technology transfer facilitation services to technology providers and seekers, especially by partnering with its national R&D centres, Institutes and International Technology Banks, Universities and technology transfer intermediary networks. Some important technology transfer facilitation services of AECL include:

  • Providing information on technology transfer, joint-venture, business/research partnerships and opportunities.
  • Organizing business-to-business meets, technology exhibitions and technology transfer related conferences and technology dissemination workshops in partnership with AECL associate and partners in the member countries.
  • Providing support services to help techno-entrepreneurs interact with technology transfer intermediaries, source technology globally, and to explore venture capital financing.

Technology Databases

Technology for SMEs:

AECL supports capacity building through carefully designed workshops and training of trainers (ToT) programmes. AECL delivers these programmes in partnership with AECL’s associates and nodal agencies at the national level including chambers of commerce and industrial federations in member countries.

  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Technology Transfer Management
  • Support to countries with special needs

If you are interested to submit Technology Offer, Technology Request or Joint Venture and Partnerships, please register (new users) and login (existing users).


a) Readily Available Technology/Know-how Offers:

As on today, we have over 1100 offer, in our technology bank, available for the reference and further needful of our esteemed customers, to get the benefit of such an important information at just a minimal cost. Offers are available in the following Industry and allied sectors:

  1. Aerospace (14)
  2. Agriculture & Agro-industry (81)
  3. Automotive Components (22)
  4. Biotechnology (69)
  5. Ceramics & Glass (15)
  6. Chemicals (126)
  7. Construction (23)
  8. Consultancy and Other Services (28)
  9. Disaster Management and Mitigation (56)
  10. Electrical & Electronics (31)
  11. Energy (30)
  12. Environment (38)
  13. Food Processing (51)
  1. Garment (4)
  2. Information Technology (66)
  3. Instrumentation (7)
  4. Leather (4)
  5. Logistics (2)
  6. Machinery & Equipment (69)
  7. Manufacturing (28)
  8. Materials & Coatings (11)
  9. Media Technologies (5)
  10. Medical Technologies (50)
  11. Metals & Metallurgy (7)
  12. Nanotechnology (8)
  13. Other Technologies n.e.c. (38)
  1. Packaging (14)
  2. Pharmaceuticals (112)
  3. Plastics (19)
  4. Power (8)
  5. Pulp & Paper (11)
  6. Remote Sensing & Telecommunications (6)
  7. Renewable Energy Technologies (81)
  8. Rubber (11)
  9. Stone Industry (6)
  10. Textile (7)
  11. Transport Engineering (8)
  12. Woodworking & Furniture (3)


  1. Brigham Young University
  2. Columbia University
  3. CFTR-I, Ind. Mysore.
  4. CTI- PFAN Data Bank
  5. Enterprise Eu. Network
  1. IST, Korea.
  2. National M. Action
  3. Sing. E. Technologies
  4. Tech. Transfer
  5. Tech. Portal
  1. UN. IT. Tech- Jaan
  2. University of Florida
  3. University of Utah
  4. WIPO G. Tech base
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