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Braintrust Industrial Aid’s & Research Center (BARC), BARC is an independent, self-sustaining, multidisciplinary contract research entity conducting research and development in the areas of special significance to industry, government agencies and other organizations. BARC is committed to develop, innovate, analyse and apply technology for products and processes.

BARC also brings its innovations to the marketplace by licensing its technologies and helps in establishing production units for the interested clients. BARC founded in 1980 at BATALA (State of Punjab) as a small laboratory set up to undertake analysis and reporting of various samples of food items and Veg. oils. in particular. It started functioning for the cause of serving Industry & Community to avail the benefits of Scientific Research & development. We believe that if India was to catch up with the rest of the world, it is necessary to understand existing technology and innovate it through research.

BARC’s Potential & strengths have been in its staff , a knowledgeable, expert and experienced team of Technocrats, Scientists & Governing Board and an innovative management. BARC is operational PAN India from Delhi and Bangalore. BARC’s thrust areas are Analytical Science, Life Science, Medical and Surgical products, Materials Science, and Quality Assurance. The Analytical Sciences Division provides prompt, precise and dependable analytical services in the fields of food and pharmaceuticals, chemicals and agro- chemicals, Microbiological studies, metal and minerals, rubber and plastics, building materials, paper, leather and textiles and petroleum products.

BARC’s Life Sciences Division conducts research on various aspects of Environment including Biological Impact Studies, Rapid Environmental Impact Studies and Comprehensive Environmental Impact Studies. The Division undertakes toxicological studies to establish safety levels of chemicals, agrochemicals and herbal products.

Recent thrust areas in material science includes Biomaterials, Blood bags, Latex based products, Polymers for Electronics, High-tech Adhesives, Composites, Speciality Chemicals, Renewable resources, Radiation based Technologies, Herbal Products, Waste Utilization and Technical Consultancy etc.

The Division standardises develop and validate new methods for analysis. It provides assistance to customers to ensure the quality of products laid down by various certifying agencies and statutory bodies. It also provides Calibration services. Applied Radiation Centre of BARC, conducts research in polymer modifications and undertakes irradiation of life saving medical and surgical products and spices.

BARC’s uncompromising commitment to excellence in research is un-compromising and adheres to the highest standards of scientific investigation and service to Industry.

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