Gohar Group

Agency Representation Of Foreign Partner/Principals:

  1. Process & Packaging Lines, Materials & Spares: We are in the service of industry for over 40 years. Our specialized partner companies are mainly from Europe, USA, and Japan to provide Complete Process, packaging lines, technology and after sales support. We also provide Critical Packaging materials to complete our range of services. We work with some of the finest equipment and materials manufacturers who enjoy global recognition enabling us to deliver high quality and reliable solutions to our client.
  2. Being an outfit owned, managed, and run by professionals, Techind provide cutting edge technologies and machinery to the Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy, Cosmetic, Chemical, and allied manufacturing Industries. We are skilled at sourcing, creating, and designing strategy that equally benefit the interests of our clients and principals. Reputed pharmaceutical companies rely on our expertise, commitment, and service for their specialized needs.
  3. You can count on our vast expertise in providing comprehensive and integrated pharmaceutical processing, packaging, and inspection solutions, based on customer’s requirements.
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