Gohar Group

Technology/Know-How Sourcing & Transfer

We source and deal in proven-n-tested technologies, available for Commercialization. Our partners (Tech-Banks, R&D labs & Institutes, Research depts. of Top Global Universities) from USA, Europe, Japan, Israel, Korea and local are in specific agreement, to market their know-how and services for Commercialization. Some of the mechanisms that make technology transfer possible include joint research, cooperative agreements, licensing, technical meetings, trade shows, and information sharing and dissemination.

Technology Transfer Management involve complete “how-to” of overseeing ideas move from an academic setting to a commercial or industrial environment. Technology transfer is of Vertical and Horizontal types. Vertical Technology Transfer is the chain of transfer that includes basic research to applied research, applied research to development, and from development to production. It is also known as internal technology transfer.

Horizontal transfer of technology occurs when technology used in one place, organisation, or context is transferred and used in another place, organisation, or context. Indian R&D Labs and Industrial Research Institutes are unable yet to justify the commercialization of Academic Research to Industry scale. Research Wings at IITs, CSIR labs and organisation like NRDC are handicap to market the know-how due to bureaucratic hitches & poor Policy implications to market their research to Industry.  Government initiative to explore indigenous technologies till final stage of commercialization is non-serious & insufficient till now.

Experienced and qualified experts at Gohar Group are engaged in exploring globally proven & tested Technologies for Commercialization. It only became possible with joint efforts and hard work of our partners in co-operation. Taking basic research from Lab to Industry involve size & scale of production units. Pilot Plant size to Commercial scale is again an expert job in Technology transfer process. Our experts are professionally Qualified, trained and experienced to take up such jobs reasonably priced for our customers, to best of their satisfaction.

Some of our Associates in Technology development & transfer are:

  1. CFTRI, Mysore, India
  2. CTI- P-FAN D. base
  3. Enter Euro. Network
  4. Harvard University
  5. Korean Institute of S-n-T Biotech
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  7. National Mito. Action D. base
  8. Exp. Technologies, Singapore
  9. Stanford University
  10. STTA Association
  11. UNFC Techno D. base
  12. UN- IT- PO Japan D. base
  13. WI-PO G. D. base
  14. AECL & TECI Tech Bank.
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