Gohar Group

Miscellaneous Services

The Miscellaneous services sector covers a wide range that cannot readily be classified into other specific sectors of manufacturing. Processes used by these establishments vary significantly, both among and within industries. Pandemic situation has led to learn many new ways and means of communication keeping intact On-line and distant services. TEAMS/ ZOOM calls have served as a very strong co-ordinating media to bridge the gap between the buyers & supplier. Work from home culture, a new development usefully adopted by Employers & employees has contributed a lot in keeping pace of the economy to certain level.

Even banking (RBI) services support in remittance of maintenance charges for NRI’s is an added feature of our services. Some of the customised services, as per specific requirement (T.O.R & Scope) of the customer are still in reasonable demand. Besides various onsite services our foreign partners require on-line information and distant support to fulfil their specific project needs. We support our partners on regular basis, for our quality services on a very nominal and economical charges i.e., Value for Money.

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